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Wholesome Blends - Pork and Oats

Wholesome Blends - Pork and Oats

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Pork and Oats

Our Pork and Oats blend is free of dairy, soy, nuts and eggs.  It's packed with goodness. This liquid blend has Pork, sweet potato, apple, carrots and oats with a few spices thrown in too.

No additives or preservatives, just real food for bolus feeding into NG or G-tube.

Containing 300kcal in each 280gm packet, this blend has been made for bolus feeds for your tubie.


Specialty formulated to provide a natural way to manage the diet of people requiring bolus feeding via nasogastric, mic-key and G-Tube. If consistency is too thick – add a small amount of water and mix well. No heating required. Consume straight from packet, immediately after opening. Refrigerate open packet and use within 24 hours of opening.

Best Before 18 months from date of manufacturer when stored unopened in clean cool and dry location.

Please consult a dietician or health professional before starting on a blended diet. Use under strict supervision from your dietician or medical practitioner.

Do not use for J tube or Total Parenteral Nutrition feeding (TPN)


Water, Minced Pork (15%), Sweet Potato Puree [contains Food Acid (330)], Apple Puree, Carrot Puree, Olive Oil, Oat Flour(4%) [contains Gluten], Rice Flour, Salt, Spice, Vegetable Gum (415).


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