Collection: Chait Button Pads

A Chait or Cecostomy is a small thin tube that is used to instil fluids into the colon to aid with incontinence. 

Our Button Pads are designed to suit the much small tube that is used. The pads are used to absorb any leakage from the site and to keep the site clean and dry.

Because they are machine washable and are reusable, they help reduce with on going costs.

Button covers are 6.5cm in diameter.

Each button cover is made from 3 different layers:
- Bamboo Velour, a super soft, highly absorbent material that sits against the skin
- Microfibre, a highly absorbent material that is also quick drying
- Cotton, for a decorative top design.
Each cover is then stitched with thread and secured with a plastic snap. If you prefer bamboo as an absorbent layer, this can be arranged at a small extra charge.

After extensive testing, these button pads do have a raw edge to them to allow for maximum comfort given how small the tubing is that they sit around.