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FreeArm Muscle

FreeArm Muscle

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The FreeArm clamps to surfaces such as tables, cribs, strollers, you name it! And works as a travel IV pole, easily bending up to fit in your bag.

Consistent feeds and infusions anywhere, anytime. With the FreeArm’s bendable arm, you can take the guesswork out of how high to hold the gravity syringe and keep lines free from kinks.


•The FreeArm®Muscle clip holds a gravity syringe 35mL-140mL, freeing your hands.

•The FreeArm®Muscle’s bendable arm aids in regulating the flow rate of gravity syringe feeds and holds an open syringe for venting the stomach.


•The FreeArm®Muscle holds lightweight pumps under 1kg such as an Infinity, Kangaroo Joey, or Curlin 6000, using the iv pole clamp included with the pump.

•The FreeArm®Muscle holds feed or infusion bags up to 1,200mL by hanging them from the clip hooks. With 2 hooks on the FreeArm®Muscle clip, you can easily hang feed and flush bags at the same time.

The FreeArm®Muscle is better than an IV pole. It’s much easier to travel with a FreeArm®Muscle, improving nutritional compliance and quality of life. The FreeArm®Muscle’s bendable arm aids in regulating the flow rate of gravity syringe feeds, improving patient safety in a way that IV poles and backpacks can’t.

The FreeArm®Muscle is available in 4 fun colors, pink, white, blue and green making medical life a little less medical.

Instructional video

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We want your FreeArm to work perfectly! Please remember to tighten the set screw that holds the arm in the clamp and that although the arm may change to a slightly lighter color as you bend it, the color change does not affect the functionality of the FreeArm.

Feeding tube, gravity syringe, pump, pump clamp and feedbag are not included.


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  • Extra Hand

    The FreeArm muscle enteral feeding stand acts as an extra hand, providing assistance and support during feeding sessions.

  • Mobility

    With its mobile design, the stand can be easily moved around, making it convenient for caregivers and patients alike.

  • Consistency

    By holding the feeding bag at a consistent height, the FreeArm ensures a consistent flow rate, promoting optimal nutrition and hydration for patients.