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Modified Backpack

Modified Backpack

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These backpacks are fantastic for any Tubie who is getting mobile or who are on continuous feeds and need freedom to move. Forget the IV pole, the Modified Backpacks are here to make life easier for everyone.

These more traditional children's sized Backpacks have ample room to accommodate a larger amount of feed to be hung at once. There is adequate room for other items such as small emergency kits or medicines to be placed in these backpacks while being worn.  

These Backpacks feature:

- Side opening to allow for the tubing to be easily accessible for connecting up

- Internal Velcro strap which is used to help secure the bottle, it is also removable with snaps

- Internal Clip which can be used to hang a bottle or Insulated Feed Bag 

Large front pocket which has an opening to the main compartment of the bag. This is ideal for placing the pump in the front pocket and having line access to the main compartment where the feed can be accessed. 

 - Padded straps for greater comfort

- Side Pouch for holding drink bottles or similar

 - Approximate sizing of 29cm H, 24cm W, 10cm D

These bags are compatible with using Tubie Fun Reusable Pouches which allow feeds to be placed in the bag instead of being hung.


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