Collection: Regular G Tube Pads (Button Pads)

What do G Tube Pads do? How do they work?

At Tubie Fun we know all about tubie pads!

G tube pads (also known as button pads, or button pad covers) are designed to take the place of hospital gauze, and are a fun, stylish and cost effective way to help with tube feeding. They are used to absorb any leakage from the site, and to keep it clean and dry.

There are many advantages to using our fabric g tube pads:

  • They are effective at helping reduce granulated tissue (extra body tissue that the body produces to heal over the open site).
  • Available in patterns and prints your Tubie will love.
  • They reduce movement and improve stability of the feeding tube.
  • Being machine washable and reusable, they help reduce ongoing costs.
  • Better for your Tubie, and better for the planet!