We have a diverse collection of Insulated, Syringe and Pump Bags to suit are wide variety of Feeding Tube products.

Our Insulated Milk Bags come in a range of different sizes to accommodate the various styles of milk bottles and feeds. Insulated Milk Bags are a fantastic way to keep feeds cold in the warmer weather and to reduce the risk of milk spoiling. They also provide a stylish cover over the feed to keep it from sight. 


Our Syringe Bags come in Small, Medium and Large sizes and are excellent at keeping all your supplies in one handy place. Each bag also has a water resistant lining which is great for keeping medicines on the go, water flushes or even syringes with blended food in them.  


We also have Pump Bags suitable for the Nutricia Flocare Pump. These bags offer an alternative to have to put the pump on a stand or secure to a pram or wheelchair. The bags offer a convenient way to move your pump while on the go.