Stacey and Anthony Phillips

Welcome to Tubie Fun!

Anyone who's tube fed deserves to feel special and celebrate their uniqueness. Using button pads and line covers are the perfect way to do this and show just how amazing tube feeding can really be.
Tubie Fun was created after my youngest son was tube fed since 2 months old due to an extensive list of medical problems and has since had a feeding button placed for long term use. I started making button pads to replace the hospital gauze that sat around his site.
Callum Phillips
These button pads have many positive benefits. They are more comfortable to wear, they keep the feeding site dry and clean, they can reduce the chances of granulated tissue forming and most of all, reduce the ongoing costs associated with tube feeding as they are reusable.
The line covers are also a great way to keep little mouths off the connection points and also a useful tool to ensure all the connections stay together.
Many people find tube feeding quite confronting. Using a button pad takes the focus off the medical device itself and provides an opportunity to show personality and individuality while reducing anxiety around the feeding process.
I am a mum to 3 beautiful boys who have taken the tube feeding of their brother in their stride. With the toll of caring for a sick child starting to affect me, I decided to dust of my sewing machine as a way to unwind and let go of the problems of the day. I thought if this was a way I could help my son and family, why not let it help someone else as well.
If you are searching for something but can't find it, please feel free to contact me. I'll help in whatever way I can. I am also able to make personalised items including names and items made to specific dimensions.
- Stacey
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